About LTS

I. Background

"LTS Networking Multimedia Co., Ltd." was founded in Taiwan in February, 1996. The company's mission is to develop broadband multimedia applications based on the Internet and multimedia technologies.

LTS was founded by peoples with many years of experience in Internet networking, multimedia encoding, compression, decompression and streaming. The team possesses a solid technical capability and extensive market experience.

The company has leveraged Internet and multimedia streaming technologies to develop broadband multimedia applications. Its main products included the Hotel Intelligent Multimedia Information System (HIMIS), Digital Home (DigiHome), IP STB, Internet TV (IPTV) and Video-on-Demand (VOD). The Greater China region is the main market with the goal of future international expansion. Our competitive niche is to master advanced core technologies and offer total management services to our customers in order to build a great future together.

II. Business Philosophy

The LTS philosophy for HIMIS is "Technology is the platform, service is the focus". This agrees with the Chinese philosophy of "Technique is the essence, service is the application". LTS therefore integrates technology and service to provide a total business management service. This covers HIMIS system planning, installation and operational management.

HIMIS system setup includes: on-site hotel survey, planning, design, proposal, installation, adjustment and maintenance; operational management includes the delivery, updating and management of videos, provision and management of TV shopping service, and management of advertising sales.

Once a hotel installs LTS' HIMIS system, the company provides a 5-year warranty and joint HIMIS system management service. This setup allows both parties to share in the profits and grow together.

Apart from TV and PC support, HIMIS also offers value-added services such as VOD, signage and TV shopping. The hotel and LTS both receive a cut of the revenues from these services so they share in the profits and grow together.

Beyond the provision of a high-tech system, LTS also offers innovative value-added business services for the hotel to boost hotel value and enhance returns.

III. Main Products

  • Hotel Intelligent Multimedia Information System (HIMIS)
  • Internet TV system (IPTV)
  • Digital Signage System
  • Internet Multimedia Box (IMB)
  • Media Encoding Machine

IV. Core Technologies

LTS Networking Multimedia Co., Ltd. was founded by engineers with many years of experience in networking and multimedia. Over the years, the company has independently developed various network and digital media technologies. These have now been intelligent into a series of network multimedia software, hardware and system platforms. Our mastery of the key technologies allows us to develop systems tailored to customer requirements.

Our core technologies include:

  • IP & LAN networking technologies:
    E.g. Switch, Router, Firewall, VPN applications and configurations.
  • MIS technologies:
    Includes server installation, setup, network configuration, firewall configuration, network domain distribution and administration.
  • STB development:
    Microsoft Embedded OS such as Win CE and XPe technologies; Intel STB platform or VIA platform technologies; TV interface, remote control design and user interface (EPG) design technologies.
  • Multimedia Production:
    Independently developed digital content encoding machines, automatic uploading programs and database entry programs.
  • Website Operation:
    Such as network server backup and clustering technologies.
  • Billing and Payment:
    Such as pay-per-view and pay-per-time billing mechanisms, and pre-pay, post-pay and pay by credit card technologies.
  • VOD/MOD/IPTV System Platforms:
    LTS has many years of experience with operating real-world VOD systems and is familiar with critical VOD/MOD technologies. The company is also experienced with Hotel VOD and IPTV experience so knows its intricacies and industry well.
  • DRM:
    Digital media DRM encryption, DRM server setup and DRM Key distribution/management.