Hotel Intelligent Multimedia Information System (HIMIS)

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IV. In-suite TV, VOD & PC System (TV, VOD & PC)

Example of title menu

The in-suite TV, VOD & PC system offers guests three categories of information:

  1. Functions : 6 main functions
  2. Announcements : 3 message types
  3. Value-added services : 6 value-added services

Functions: 6 Main Functions

1. TV

  • Content provided by domestic cable TV operators.

2. Net TV

  • Allow guest to watch Hotel own made net TV programs.


  • a. Classics :Offers a selection of classic movies.
  • b. Variety :Offers a selection of classic variety shows.
  • c. Music :Offers a selection of music related videos such as famous band performances or concerts.
  • d. Culture :Offers a selection of cultural or local specialty performances.
  • e. Sights: :Offers a selection of videos introducing famous local sights around the hotel.

4. Internet Service

  • a. IE Browser
  • b. Google Docs
  • c. Skype
  • d. MSN
  • e. Facebook
  • f. e-News

5. About the Hotel

  • a. Promotions:
    Shows hotel announcements and posters on TV
  • b. Room Service:
    Introduction to the hotel's room services and contact numbers
  • c. About the Hotel:
    Hotel background, guest room information and the latest hotel updates
  • d. Facilities:
    Introduction to the hotel’s facilities, such as restaurants, gym and bar.
  • e. Room Service Manual
  • f. Operation Guide

6. Billing & Check-out Notice

  • a. Check bill.
  • b. TV shopping list
  • c. Questionnaire.
  • d. Guest message
  • e. Hotel message

Announcements: 3 Messages

  • 1. After the guest has checked into hotel, the system will display a greeting that welcomes the guest to the suite when the system is turned on for the first time.
  • 2. After the guest has checked into the hotel, the system will introduce the room service when the system is turned on for the second time.
  • 3. After the guest has checked into the hotel, the system will display the latest information about the hotel and commercials when the system is turned on for the third (and subsequent) time. When multiple messages and commercials were available, they will be broadcast in rotation.

Value-added Service:

  • 1. Boutique :Lists, photos and catalogs of boutique products for sale.
  • 2. Restaurant :List of restaurant names and details.
  • 3. Shopping :Offers lists, names and merchant information.
  • 4. Entertainment:List of details on entertainment venues.
  • 5. Tour :Information on travel itineraries and sights.
  • 6. Favorites :Guests can add selected products or merchants to a list for easy viewing.

Example of HD VOD System User Interface

Home Menu


Movie List

Movie Introduction

Movie Preview

E-News List


About the Hotel (Promotion)

Billing & Check-out Notice


Check Bill

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