Hotel Intelligent Multimedia Information System (HIMIS)

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III. System Architecture

The featured system is designed to be a multimedia service system for hotels. It has three tiered system architecture:

  1. Central Control Center: Controls/manages the hotel servers and generates management reports. (Operation HQ)
  2. Hotel Server: Responsible for providing services to the guest rooms. (a server for each hotel)
  3. In-suite multimedia TV. (One per room)
For example, one control center can be set up in one country to manage hotel servers in hundreds of hotels spread throughout the country. The hotel servers in turn each manage several hundred rooms and provide services directly to guests.

The Operation HQ can remotely manage all the hotel servers such as check playback records; remotely add/remove video contents, video rights management and system updates.

The hotel management can also access their server over the Internet to check statistics and management reports if they know the password. Technicians can also log into the servers to perform application/data base updates.

System Setup

The HIMIS is made up of five sub-systems:

  1. In-suite TV, VOD & PC System (TV, VOD & PC)
  2. TV Shopping System (Shopping)
  3. Multimedia Advertising System (Signage)
  4. Hotel Server and Back-end Management System (Servers)
  5. Remote Administration and Centralized Media Distribution System (CDN)

<<2. System Overview
4. In-suite TV, VOD & PC System (TV, VOD & PC)>>